Travel Service Center

What are Incentives?

Companies use promotional travel offers for marketing purposes or as a bonus for participation in a presentation, opening a bank account, test driving a car and a variety of other reasons.  These offers have restrictions and it is important to completely read and review all terms and conditions in order to have an understanding of what is required to take advantage of the offer.  You will be required at several stages to agree to these terms and conditions.

Offer Fulfillment


We are not affiliated with the company or person you received your promotional offer from.  We do provide companies our product, which we fulfill based on the Terms and Conditions outlined on our offer.  We are only a third party vendor and have no way of knowing their marketing practices.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ THROUGH YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  If you were told something different than what is contained in the terms and conditions you may need to go back to your sponsor for clarification.  We want to assist you within the terms and conditions printed on our offer. 

It may be frustrating that you have to adhere to these terms and conditions but this is necessary because of the promotional nature of this product.  Although participants are given the promotional offer at no charge by the sponsor this does not mean that the travel involved in the offer is "FREE" and at no time is anyone authorized to tell participants that it is.  You can refer to your terms and conditions for clarification.  Only the terms and conditions printed on our offer can be fulfilled.