Travel Service Center

Fly Away Vacation 

Q: What is included with the Fly Away offer?
A: This offer is valid for two round trip airfares and a 3 day/2 night hotel stay in select destinations for two adults, 21 years of age of older from *major selected international airports in the United States to destinations such as Baltimore/DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, and San Diego.
Selected major international airports include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland (OR), St. Louis, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Washington DC.  For Orlando and Cocoa Beach stays flights are into Orlando.

Q: How do I activate my offer for booking?
A: Our activation process has three simple steps:

Step One - Fully complete the Registration Validation form and Mail it to the address provided on the form along with a processing fee check for $4.95 within 30 days of the issue date indicated.  

Please wait 30-45 days to receive Step Two.

Step Two – The Travel Service Center will mail you an Activation Packet that includes complete information on your Fly Away offer. Please read over the terms and conditions and complete the appropriate Registration Activation form to mail with a check for $100 to the address provided.

Please wait 10-15 days to receive Step Three.

Step Three - The Travel Service Center will email your activation letter, a Welcome Aboard, to print and keep for your records. This will include instructions on making your reservation and a copy of the terms and conditions. You will have 12 monthsfrom the printed activation date to book and travel.

WMS Processing

Step One

If you have already submitted your Registration Validation form, please skip to Step Two.

Q: What is the $4.95 for?
A: This fee covers the cost of printing, processing, and mail
ing the materials within the Activation Packet for Step Two.  

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable?
A:  You may use any form of payment other than a credit card. Cash payments are not recommended.

Q: Who do I make my check/money order to the order of?
A:  All payments must be made to the order of WMS Processing. Check/money orders with alternate company names must be returned for correction.  

Q: Is the $4.95 fee refundable?
A: No, once you submit this form a packet will be printed, processed, and mailed for you. The $4.95 fee is the cost of processing.

Step Two

If you have already submitted your Registration Activation form, please skip to Step Three.

Q: It is past the 30-45 waiting period, why haven’t I received my packet?
A: There exist multiple reasons this may have occurred:

1.      We did not receive your information.
Check your bank statement or call the indicated number on your money order receipt.
If your check/money order has not been cashed, it may not have been received.

2.      We received your information but your personal information was not processed. 
Check your bank statement or call the indicated number on your money order receipt.
If your check/money order has been cashed, it was received.

3.      Your information was returned for correction.
If the Registration Validation form or check is contains incorrect or is missing information, it must be returned for correction.
Check your bank statement or call the indicated number on your money order receipt.
If your check/money order has not been cashed, it may have been returned. 

After checking your bank statement, please email with the status of your check/MO for further instructions.

Q: When will my Registration Activation form expire?
A: Your form must be posted marked to the indicated address by 30 days from the issue date printed on the form. 

Q: What is the $100 for?
A: The $100 activation fee is a nonrefundable fee to activate your offer for booking. 

Q: Is the $100 activation fee per person?
A: No, this is a single $100 fee that covers both passengers.  

Q: Is the $100 activation fee refundable?
A: No, this is not a refundable fee once it has been submitted for activation of your offer.  

Q: Why are there are extra forms in my packet?
A: We include these optional BONUS offers in your package.

Step Three

Q: How do I make my travel request?
Once you receive your Welcome Aboard, there will be a link to a travel request form. Please fill out the specified information and click the submit button.

All travel requests must be received 90 days in advance of the departure date.  

Q: Are there any date restrictions?
A: Yes, you are not permitted to travel in the 7 day period before and after a holiday and all requests must be placed 90 days in advance of the departure date.  

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day

Q: What air lines are available?
A: To find the best possible fare, we do not limit our search to a specific airline. All available airlines with flights to and from the requested destination are applicable.  

Q: What hotels are available with this program?
A: We do not use a specific brand of hotels. All ava
ilabilities are researched at time of booking and presented to you, the client, to make a final selection.  

Q: What if the departure airport I want is not on the list?
A: The list we provide is a list of preferred airports due to their size and availability. You may select any airport within the continental United States. Please just understand that smaller airports may require a surcharge due to their decreased availability.  

Q: May we select a destination that is not on the list?
A:  No, the destinations listed on your information are the only destinations available with the Fly Away offer.

Q: When will I be contacted regarding my travel request?
A: A reservation agent will contact you 30-45 days before your travel date by both phone and email. 

Q: What fees am I responsible for at time of booking?
A: You are responsible any government taxes and airline fees on the airfare, hotel taxes and fees, and any applicable surcharges.  

Q: Why do some airports have a surcharge?
A: Smaller airports can only handle a small flow of traffic. As a result, the demand for a seat is magnified and air lines will increase their pricing at these locations to increase profits. We must add a surcharge for this amount to compensate for this increase.

Q: How much are surcharges?
A: Surcharges are not predetermined. Each flight is independently priced using a number of variables by the air line. As a result, all surcharges are dependent on the specific flight chosen by the client and the time of booking.  

Q: When does my offer expire?
A: You will have 12 months from the activation date printed on your Welcome Aboard to book and travel.