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 "I Would like to express my sincere appreciation to Teresa for ALL her help & personal attention with our Vacation Breakaway! Teresa was very quick with her replies & responses & had such a pleasant manner! She was extremely professional & courteous!  We appreciate her efficiency& hope she will be commended on her wonderful customer service! Thx again Teresa"  Janice & Mark, NH

"Just an FYI that my experience with travel services was a very good one.  Any questions were quickly handled and service was swift and excellent."  - Lorna V.

"I am writing you today because in today's world it isn't often that you find a gem like Sulma.  She has been amazing throughout our entire booking process with quick responses, thorough explanations, easy of understanding, and a personal friendly touch along the way. I ran into a huge error on my part, logging our vacation dates incorrectly. This caused my family the to miss the first night of our highly anticipated vacation. All correspondence was very clear about no cancellations or changes once the reservation was booked. My 8 year old son was devastated when he heard that we missed our reservation. I thought I would reach out to Sulma and see if she could work some magic and try to move the date we missed to the tail end of our vacation.  It would have been easy for her to just say 'no' and I was prepared to hear that. She was kind, preparing me for potential bad news, but said she would do her best.  She immediately contacted the broker who booked the room for us, who in turn, contacted the hotel and successfully made the changes.  Sulma said the right words, patiently waited and worked a miracle.  We are just walking out the door to head to the hotel now and I wanted to take the time time before we leave to let you know how wonderful Sulma is."  - Robert S.

"We are a repeat Customer...wonderful experience in 2015!...with Vacation Breakaway...thoroughly enjoyed our short stay @ Port Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine last October for our Anniversary!"  - Janice C.

 "I recently got a confirmation voucher for a trip my girlfriend and I have planned.  I wanted to express how pleased I am with the level of customer service given to me by Teresa.  She was extremely responsive and made it seem easy when looking at availability for different dates.  I'm glad she was assigned to my case and you guys are lucky to have her..."   Rodrigo V.

"I would like you to know that working with Teresa has been a pleasure, and she is surely an asset...Teresa was fantastic about replying to my emails, so I had answers almost as quickly as I could press the "Send" button with my looking forward to our trip to Nashville, TN...and very much appreciate Teresa's patience and cooperation." Lauren S.

"Just to let your company know, without Sulma, we probably would had never been able to make the trip. She was absolutely fantastic! As a very novice traveler Sulma walked me through the process twice. She was very patient and very very knowledgeable.  Sulma is a great credit to your company." Phil C.

"I want to commend one of your travel agents.  Her name is Letetia. She was very helpful/courteous and the info I requested was emailed to me propmptly." George A.

"Quite often, customers write to complain about the service they receive from a staff member from a company.  However, I want to commend Teresa R. for the outstanding job she did making arrangements ....  She got the flights for the times I wanted and for reasonable fees.  Working in a service organization myself (Office of Human Resources for a government agency), I know how difficult it is to work with the public with all of the demand that customers make.  She was highly professional and courteous at all times, even when I was venting about the surcharge the airlines imposed realizing full well she didn’t create the fee schedule.  Teresa kept me advised every step of the way so I was well informed about possible flights and rates.... She was delightful to work with and made the transaction very easy.  Teresa is an asset to your company and I hope that she will be recognized for her hard work.  People like her are hard to come by and I hope she stays with your company for a long time.”  Sandra J.

“Sulma M. was very friendly and helpful with our travel arrangements.  She even found us a cheaper more convenient flight.  Thank you!”   Denise S.

“Often times in this busy world people take the time to complain about poor customer service but rarely take the time to let someone know about outstanding customer service.  I have had the pleasure of booking flights through Philip and was very concerned it was going to be difficult as we were attempting to coordinate flights with 25 other couples (traveling for a destination wedding).  I emailed Philip the dates I needed as well as the flights I was interested in and within minutes he responded and had everything handled for me.  Additionally, he has followed up to be sure everything is exactly as it is my son’s wedding.  He is an asset to your company and because of him I will refer many people to your company!”  Cathy R.

“I know you help thousands of people book cruises so I don’t expect you to remember me.  This was our first cruise and I just wanted to thank you for all your help and for picking us two rooms in the middle of the ship.  We had a couple days of pretty wavy weather and it seemed a lot better in our room than towards the front of the ship.  Just wanted to say Thank You! You did a great job.”    Kathy E.

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you did assisting me with information I need to know regarding travel plans.  You are a fantastic employee and show the importance of great customer service.  Thank you for the ways in which are touching the lives of others.”     Audrey L.
“For the last several months I have been trying to book a 3-day trip with airfare.  Steve has been great!   I know that I am not Steve’s only client but he certainly made me feel that way!  A company cannot be successful if they do not have good customer service to keep their customers and gain others.  It has been an extreme pleasure doing business with your company!   Carol C.                            

“Thank you so much for yor help.  Please pass along our appreciation for you and also Jennifer.“   Len T.

“Thank you so much for the kind reply instructions on how I am to receive my refund.  You have always been so kind ever since our first phone call and working with me on my Getaway.  I think you’re so amazing as well as informative!  All the information you gave me on my Getaway was very clear and precise in what I would be receiving and it was awesome!  Thank you again for all of your excellent time, help and patience when dealing with me.  Wonderful speaking with you!!”   Hope

“As someone who works in the customer service industry I have high standards and expectations when it comes to my own personal customer service experiences.  My most recent interactions with one of your employees confirmed that outstanding customer service is alive and well!  She was prompt in answering my e-mails and phone calls, went above and beyond when it came to accommodating my travel need changes, and she even took the initiative to find a cheaper flight, which ended up saving me money!  It was an absolute pleasure working with her and I would personally thank you both for the positive experience I had with your company.”   Julie M.

“ I just wanted to say thank you again, this whole process was a bit rough.  I’m not the best with my concerns and kept in communication with me.  I really appreciate you answering my questions and responding to all of my communications (phone and e-mail).... I know what good customer service is and I must say that your customer service was great!  If it were not for your understanding and kindness I probably would have scratched this whole deal.  I didn’t tell you this but I’m recovering from a hit and run car accident.  It’s made my life much more difficult.  I’m almost done with therapy and will be ready for this trip.  You’ve made my life brighter with your service, actions and kindness.  You’re the best.”    Bertino S.

“Just a note to say thank you for your service and Sulma was wonderful and very helpful and nice to work with. I would like to rate Sulma with an excellent rating!   Thank you very much, Sulma.”   Melinda F.

“Today I had a great time working with Sulma she is very helpful as well as professional. You will do well with her and others trained has she has been.”     Joel G.     

“You should hire more people like Teresa!  She is one of those rare individuals who demonstrate EXEMPLARY CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Unfortunately, I have had many bad/intimidating experiences when I’ve had to deal with unpleasant people on the other side of the phone.  Teresa was the complete opposite!  Let me tell you why Teresa is someone who I will gladly spend my value time writing this email for.  COURTEOUS, PROFESSIONAL, and SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I enjoyed talking to her.  She took the time to answer my questions and explain my options, and she did this in a very courteous manner.  Very patient person.  Thanks again!”  Susan R.                     

“It is my pleasure to get to know a person like you who has an exemplary character to keep all your customer confidence.  I noticed this from the very first day. “   Titus G.

“Sulma was extremely helpful and responded quickly to my questions.  Thank you very much.”   Marcia G.

“I just wanted you to know about the exemplary service offered to me by Teresa.  She was professional, efficient, and personable in every e-mail correspondence I had with her.  She helped make our vacation dreams a reality, and my husband and I are incredibly excited!  .... because of people like Teresa I will recommend this company to everyone I know!  Thanks to you and especially this outstanding employee for the fine service you are provided.”  Debra R.

“We have just completed making our reservations for a trip on my wife’s bucket list – to go to New York City around Christmastime.  Teresa was very helpful in getting this worked out, even staying ‘overtime’ to get the reservation into the system.  We were a little nervous since these tickets had been promised us, but we could not be sure about their reality and time was getting short.  With Teresa’s help, we actually got the confirmation before the date that we had been promised.  Thanks for your expert and friendly assistance.” Al and Judy G.

“We were very pleased with the service of Sulma and Travel Service.  Things went very smoothly and we appreciate it very much. “ Paul & Cheryl B.

“Excellent service and kind voice on the phone.” Frank B.

“Thank you for all of your help :-)  Everyone I talked to today was very professional, had great attitudes, and made this a pleasant, stressfree experience.  Well done, and thank you.  You may go through most days not hearing that you have made a difference in someone's life.  You made a difference in mine today, and I appreciate it."   Stephanie H.

“All done and back from cruise now. Thanks for all your efforts and help with this booking over the past few months. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”   Doug & Yvonne W.

“I have talked with several people... and everyone is so helpful and kind!  You are one of those special customer service people and thank you so much!!”   Betty D.

Just a few of the things clients are saying about their experience...